Dirty Business, the reality of Ontarioís rush to wind power

Dirty Business is a collection of new, revised and pre-published articles, presentations and letters on the industrial wind power generation industry in Ontario. Authors include Tom Adams, Ross McKitrick, Parker Gallant, Rick Conroy, Margaret Wente, Michael Trebilcock and several exciting new writers.

Sample chapters:
     – Welcome to the wacky world of green power
     – Will wind power save the family farm?
     – The huff and puff of wind power
     – Selling big wind: it’s just business
     – Ontario’s wind power puts a chill on property values

This book is a handy collection of some of the best writing on wind power in Ontario, what itís done to Ontarioís power system and how itís affected Ontario’s rural communities. Health effects, environmental noise, government mismanagement – it’s all here!


“Urban Ontario, including city-bound journalists, are largely unaware of the corrosive effects some wind developments are having for communities, neighborhoods, even families. Many folks valuing peace and quiet in the countryside don’t see industrialization as a benefit. Rural residential land values, particularly in picturesque recreation and retirement oriented regions are crashing where wind power is developing. This is expropriation without compensation.” – Tom Adams

“The truth is that all the wind turbines in all the world can’t run a toaster, let alone a home, on their own. It is a lie that is repeated in virtually every news story on wind or solar development.” – Rick Conroy

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Dirty Business is published by Wind Concerns Ontario Inc. Publications management by Bold Bonnie Lass Inc. Edited by Jane Wilson with Contributing Editor Parker Gallant.

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